Fuel-Saving Secrets
Ten ways you can squeeze
the most mileage out of
every gallon of gas you
By Chuck Tannert of MSN Autos
Our planet is the only place naturally capable of sustaining life, as we know it. As a result of humankind’s development, with its
consumerist society, planet Earth is experiencing significant and irreversible deterioration that threatens to eliminate its ability to
sustain life. With an increasing demand for energy, the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels and the systematic destruction of forested
areas are gradually illustrating man’s ability to destroy himself and all life around it.

The observed increase in Climate Change produced by a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has forced the
United Nations to issue a resolution that, although weak, marks the early stages of awareness of countries with major economic
interests of the need to reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

Environment Technology 2020 Corp introduces the Faull Induction Reactor is able to drastically reduce GHG toxic emissions up to
140,000,000 tns every  year produced by every engine that uses any type of hydrocarbon fuel.
FIR2000 can be used with all types of
petroleum or diesel engines: automobile, boat, ship, power plants, generators or with any of the various types of continuous
combustion engines available on the market, improving their performance economy, cargo, and reaction time.
SHOCKS AND PARTICLES:  With regard to the
Inauguration of the Particle Accelerator of the
European Union


By treating the OXYGEN MOLECULES through its silver plated catalyst , the FIR2000, sets in motion a process which conditions the oxygen bonds that
take place in combustion, while it maintaining permanent control on the mixture. In combustion, the elements present in the reaction are atoms and
free radicals of hydrogen and carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. In the combustion chamber, molecules are dissociated into atoms and free radicals as a
result of pressure and temperature to then re-associate.
Combustion is the name given to the process by which are the producers of heat, form chemical bonds. The associated atoms of oxygen and
hydrogen called oxides are radicals, because they bond to form a water molecule, or H2O, while one oxygen atom is left over. However, it also
produces unwanted associations, such as bonds between the oxygen and nitrogen are attached to one, two or more oxygen atoms, which are called
CN OX and are highly polluting. There are also bonds between the oxygen and carbon. Carbon is also part of unwanted associations. The bond formed
between the oxygen atom and a carbon atom is called carbon monoxide, a harmful and poison gas; or carbon atom can bond with two oxygen atoms,
the gas we call carbon dioxide, which is highly polluting and causing the gradual warming of the earth. In combustion gases, we encounter water
molecules, oxygen, and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon molecules that escape without having part of

Advanced Technology focused to
increase mpg to a levels never
achieve before

Working with original engine
design parameters and 38%  
horsepower increase
FAULL INDUCTION REACTOR-FIR2000 Manufacture and Distributed by: ET2020 Corp
Manufacture and Distributed by:
Environment Technology 2020 Corp - USA
USpatent: 5245976 - 5113837
Spain patent: ES 2 160 474 A1

Buy Green: Before buying a new or used vehicle (or even before renting a vehicle)
Research and get as much information about the emissions and fuel economy performance of different vehicles, taking in
consideration Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gas scores for each model and fuel efficiency. There are a wide range of cleaner,
more fuel-efficient vehicles available on the market today that produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
* Considered and consult with ET2020 Evergreen Team and receive additional information about our Advanced Technologies.

Drive Smart: Plenty of Factors could affect the fuel economy of your car. A considerable improvement in fuel economy and
reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is to go easy on the brakes and gas pedal, avoid hard accelerations.
Use overdrive and cruise control on your car if you have those features.  
For more tips to improve your gas mileage, visit us at: www.et2020.com

Tune Up: Is always right and Eco-friendly practice, well-maintained cars are more fuel-efficient, produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions, more
reliable, and safer!   Keep your car well tuned, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, and use the recommended grade of motor oil.
Also check and replace your vehicle’s air filter regularly.  

Give your car a day off: Use Public Transportation, Carpool, Walk or Bike; whenever possible to avoid using your car. Leaving your car at home just
one day a week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 800 pounds per year. For daily commuting, consider options like
telecommuting (working from home via phone or over the Internet) that can reduce the stress of commuting, reduce gas emissions,  and save you money.
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