2010 Camaro  39.7mpg/avg city

  • Your Stock vehicle becomes zero emission in minutes - Dramatic fuel efficiency
GM made official the 2010 Camaro, "a heritage-inspired
sports car for the 21 st century, combining great looks and
performance; advanced technology and surprising
efficiency – including 26-mpg estimated highway fuel
ET2020 made official the 2010 Camaro, showcase same
inspired car for the 21 st century; combining their looks
with a REAL performance; actual advanced technology
and exceeded the speculated estimates of efficiency - 39.7
mpg estimated city and 60.9 mpg estimated highway fuel

All data based and recorded by the onboard computer in every vehicle.
All installations are in compliance with US EPA
Memorandum  1A  After Market Device.
USpatent: 5245976 - 5113837
Spain patent: ES 2 160 474 A1
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