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Wernher Hebert Faull/CEO for ET2020 and Executive from Ford Motor Company-Commissioner Marc Sarnoff and part of Staff
ET2020-Wernher Hebert Faull/CEO and Mr. Tony Albelo-MiamiGoinGreen
Wednesday, June 24, 2009
-“Go Green, Buy American” Showcases American-Made Eco-Friendly
Cars During a Time the Industry needs a Major Boost

The popular Going Green car promotion is back at City Hall (3500 Pan American Drive).

The event last month with Chevy and GM was a big success. Part Two in the "Go Green, Buy
American" series will be Tuesday, June 30 at 6:30 pm.

In an effort to shed light on the latest and possibly greatest "Green" cars to ever come out of
Detroit, Commissioner Marc Sarnoff has invited American companies to showcase their
newest Eco-friendly and hybrid vehicles right here in the Grove. Ford is the only American Car
company to not take federal bailout money. Their company executives will present.

Cars on hand will include: the 2010
Ford Fusion Hybrid which recently was declared the "most
patented" car in American history, it has 119 patents on file for technology and innovations; the
2010 Ford Escape Hybrid -- rated the most fuel efficient SUV on the planet at 34 mpg; and the
2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid (shown here) -- 41 mpg.

You can check under the hood, kick the tires and sit behind the wheel. Ford execs will even let
you take the cars out for a quick spin. It's a great opportunity to see what American car
makers have to offer. This is your chance to see these hybrids up close and personal and ask
all the questions you want to the people who are touting their success.

"Miami Goin' Green" will be on hand to offer tips and advice on how to make your own cars run
more efficiently. Learn great common sense ideas on how to save cash and help preserve the
2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid -- 41 mpg.
"Environment Technology 2020" in Support of American Auto Industry sharing the incredible
success-Accompanied  by Ford Motor Executives and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff.
A great day for the American Industry and the Affluence  of Advanced Technologies now
available  to all consumers and corporations to fulfill New Emission Standards  and offered an
alternative and relief in fuel consumption at the pump.

Three  vehicles, one from Chrysler,GM and Ford were displayed at the event.
All three vehicles: Prowler, Cadillac and Mercury-Milan - Accomplished (Zero NOX gases from
exhaust and reading  an Impressive  recorded computer mpg/avg.


Miami city commissioner
sets an example by
going green and
purchasing hybrid
Miami Herald Staff Report
Go Green, Buy American” Showcases American-Made Eco-Friendly Cars During a Time the Industry
needs a Major Boost- First Event, last month CHEVY AND GM was a success.

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