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Green Building
The University of Miami has created a full-time
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FUTURE CITIES: Mobility, advice building engineering, urbanism

Planning and building are becoming more sophisticated:
researchers are increasingly concerned with management
strategies for prudent preservation and for transformation, limitation
and urban concentration rather than setting a course for rapid
growth. The central focus is on sustainable, culturally high-quality
environmental design adapted to the needs of man kind.

The global energy system as organized at present is unsustainable
for a growing world population with an affluent lifestyle. Climate
change also represents a central challenge by increasing efficiency,
renewable energies and electrification.

The operation of any movable element in the world, will have great variations in the future and will be necessary to resort to propulsion methods that were believed surpassed and single
as sports are used now; but the man always will be able to adapt his conducts to the necessities and in addition, will have to resort to the innovations obliges, because the most evident
alternative, he is not really usable with the securities that the humanity requires, since the Atomic Energy is in addition very expensive in its implementations and very dangerous in its
operations, because their remainders are dangerous and alter the atmosphere with the mutations that take place;  those remainders, take about thousand five hundred years in arriving at
the acceptable values of radiation.

The alternative energies in the form in which it is to them to use, besides to require the use of extensive areas, agreed to the atmosphere.  The solar energy really has applications that
even are incipience, but that is been worth and efficient because single the Photovoltaic form is used. Use of the originating heat of the sun that can be concentrated with the use of
converging lenses, is of much future producing a water steam and its use in steam engines, to produce electricity.

Other methods exist to concentrate the solar heat as they are it the mirrors ready in form so that they orient the reflections towards a marshalling area, but this would be still more
efficient, if those reflections are concentrated in different directions towards a zone from concentration, where the “soft water” becomes steam.  
The soft water use is necessary “or water dematerialized by Criolite or Zeolita”, since to make it by means of vaporization and condensation, means to use Energy and that would
diminish the efficiency of the considered power system, which of is verified functionality and efficiency.

Although, there is an almost inexhaustible “Heat Source” that the Atmosphere accumulates and that is the one that in form of radiations receives from the Sun. - The air, that is a gas
mixture where the average proportion is of 21% of I oxygenate and 78% of nitrogen, with a 1% of other called noble gases, like Argon, the Xenon and the Radon, is specially warm and
has the particularity of not being of constant value, because this value varies with the height, and the height vary the density, viscosity and as consequence the heat specifically like the
caloric energy that is accumulated, it has variations based on the height; but those variations, single when it is arrived at those heights, the despicable serious value and are  
inhabitable heights, but the heat, always will be an existing and usable physical variable, whatever you are the height.

Wernher G. Faull
Environmental Tech
By: Wernher G. Faull
By: Wernher G. Faull
Green Building Design:  By Wernher G. Faull
Green Building Design:  By Wernher G. Faull
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