Our planet is the only place naturally capable of sustaining life, as we know it. As a result of humankind’s development, with its
consumerist society, planet Earth is experiencing significant and irreversible deterioration that threatens to eliminate its ability to
sustain life. With an increasing demand for energy, the indiscriminate use of fossil fuels and the systematic destruction of forested
areas are gradually illustrating man’s ability to destroy himself and all life around him.

The observed increase in global warming produced by a high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, has forced the
United Nations to issue a resolution that, although weak, marks the early stages of awareness of countries with major economic
interests of the need to reduce toxic emissions into the atmosphere.

Environment Technology 2020 Corp introduces the Faull Induction Reactor. This industrial development is based on the principles
and discoveries that, after years of arduous work, have been perfected by Prof. Simon Hebert Faull (Senior Scientific Advisor
Advance Technologies) the Faull Induction Reactor is able to drastically reduce GHG toxic emissions produced in an internal
combustion engine that uses any type of hydrocarbon fuel. FIR can be used with all types of petroleum or diesel engines:
automobile, boat, ship, power plants, generators or with any of the various types of continuous combustion engines available on
the market, improving their performance economy, cargo, and reaction time.

SHOCKS AND PARTICLES:  With regard to the
Inauguration of the Particle Accelerator of the
European Union

Implementation and direct involvement in the new era of scientific advances using Faull
Induction Reactor (FIR2000) correspond to a demand of safeguard our reserves especially
for our today consumer’s way to explore and save their income as much as possible with
a minimum of investments, included our own responsible way in establish more realistic
energy goals that affect every sector of our community, especially those more fragile in the



By treating the OXYGEN MOLECULES through its silver plated catalyst , the FIR2000, sets in motion a process
which conditions the oxygen bonds that take place in combustion, while it maintaining permanent control on
the mixture. In combustion, the elements present in the reaction are atoms and free radicals of hydrogen and
carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen. In the combustion chamber, molecules are dissociated into atoms and free
radicals as a result of pressure and temperature to then re-associate.
Combustion is the name given to the process by which are the producers of heat, form chemical bonds. The
associated atoms of oxygen and hydrogen called oxides are radicals, because they bond to form a water
molecule, or H2O, while one oxygen atom is left over. However, it also produces unwanted associations, such
as bonds between the oxygen and nitrogen are attached to one, two or more oxygen atoms, which are called
CN OX and are highly polluting. There are also bonds between the oxygen and carbon. Carbon is also part of
unwanted associations. The bond formed between the oxygen atom and a carbon atom is called carbon
monoxide, a harmful and poison gas; or carbon atom can bond with two oxygen atoms, the gas we call carbon
dioxide, which is highly polluting and causing the gradual warming of the earth. In combustion gases, we
encounter water molecules, oxygen, and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon
molecules that escape without having part of combustion.   

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Consumer prices jump, industrial production falls (AP)
By MARTIN CRUTSINGER, AP Economics Writer Martin Crutsinger, Ap Economics Writer
AP - Consumer prices shot up in June by the largest amount in 11 months, reflecting the biggest jump in
gasoline prices in nearly five years.
Building A Green Home
In the United States, buildings account for 39 percent of total energy use, 12 percent of
total water consumption, 68 percent of total electricity consumption and 38 percent of
carbon dioxide emissions.
The four E’s will be discussed during "The e4 Sustainability Summit 2009": Environment,
Economics, Equity, and Energy. The event is free and open to the public.
Gas Prices Finally Dip
National Average $2.69 A Gallon, AAA Says
CHRIS KAHN, AP Energy Writer
The Fuel Consumption saving
comes exactly from COMPLETE
COMBUSTION; when all the fuel is
burned into the combustion
chamber, all that fuel is used
totally, explain it why, do not
polluted, fuel saving is registering
so drastically and the power of the
engine increases in a 38%.