Evergreen Our Future

At ET2020 Co, we are dedicated
and committed to create a
positive impact on
environmentalist involvement
in Energy Sustainable Programs
and Climate Change Initiatives.
Accomplishments in diverse
areas of Solar, Wind, Eolic
Energy  & Green Building

Reaching dramatic changes for
our Environment using the
most advanced technological
innovations after market
devices in compliance with all
environmental laws and

We have environmental
scientists and technical experts
of leading edge scientific,
medical research and combined
with great expertise and
ingenious architectural
building, successfully  
achieving great goals and a
EverGreen Future for
generations to come.
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Environmental Facts

  •      The implementation and direct involvement  
    correspond to a demand of safeguard our natural
    resources and Eliminate GHG toxic emission gases  
    from all existent vehicles and to create jobs in the
    New era of sustainable energy .

  •      F.I.R 2000 induce conditions to get a physical
    reaction, were intakes are different to outputs by use
    catalysis, pressure or temperature variations,
    dissociations and disassociation of molecules,
    energetic interchange inside combustion chamber; is
    an improvement for all internal combustion engines.

  •      Faull Induction Reactor F.I.R 2000 is a unique pre-
    combustion emission control device, design to
    reduce estimated values of GHG gases CO (96%)
    CO2  (40%) NOx  (81%) produced during combustion.

  •      F.I.R 2000 uses molecular electrification and
    catalyzed over oxygen molecules; using a silver
    plated catalyze, turning diatomic into mon atomic
    form, rising energetic levels and making it refractory
    to carbon and nitrogen, including sulfur if fuel come
    polluted with it.

  •      Combustion temperature is near close to design
    values and less fuel quantity it is necessary for the
    same power demand; traduced on fuel save in high
    rate. Consequently, the Faull Induction Reactor helps
    to normally engine troubles, as progressive carbon
    scabby on cylinders head, combustion chambers
    and valves seats.   

NAICS: 541620 - 541690             SIC: 3542 - 8732             PSC: AD23  AD90  AE30  AG40  AH23  AG73
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